Alicante has a large number of cinemas. These range from traditional cinemas (such as the Navas cinemas) to the large multiplexes in the shopping centres. Some of these also show films in their original versions, with subtitles.




El Barrio or the Old Town
In the Old Town, from the Rambla towards Santa Bárbara Castle, the narrow streets with their Moorish layout are lively and home to much of Alicante’s nightlife. Here visitors will find everything from the most typical, age-old restaurants through to designer eateries, passing through pubs, bars and all kinds of pavement cafes in between.
The Port (Muelle de Levante Pier)
This is a newly built area of the marina, home to restaurants of all kinds and all manner of pubs and bars that stay open until the small hours of the morning.

El Golf
On San Juan Beach, next to the Alicante Golf Club, this area recreates the streets and squares of a typical regional town. Here visitors will find restaurants, cafes and bars that stay open until the early hours of the morning.
The Ruta de la Madera Trail
This is an area of pubs that play alternative music, near the Central Market.

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