The Central market of Alicante, with its modernist-inspired elements was built under the supervision of J. Vidal Ramos between 1911 and 1912, on top of the 18th century walls that surrounded Alicante. It has a rectangular floor plan in the style of a basilica, with a circular appendage in the south-west corner topped by a semispherical cupola, “La Rotonda”. One of its two storeys is a half-basement due to the incline of the surrounding streets.

Its main facade is dominated by a huge stairway featuring two protruding figures and has various decorative elements.


Av d ‘ Alfons X El Sabi,8
03004 Alacant
Tel 965 14 08 41

Openning hours

Monday to saturday

7:30am.-2:30 am.

Sundays and holy days : CLOSED

Alfonso X EL Sabio 10, Alicante

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