Enjoy Alicante!

Let our suggestions guide you. All you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself, by day, by night, with the kids, your partner , your friends...

Alicante by day

Alicante has plenty of cultural and leisure offerings, ranging from a good choice of  traditional cinemas to the exhibitions centres as well as theatres,  cultural centres and the ADDA auditorium with an extensive offer for visitors to enjoy. The tourist bus, known as the Turibus, is very convenient for those who are only staying in the city for a short time and also for those who simply prefer the ease and comfort of such a service. It is also possible to book guided tours around the city with official tour guides.

The nights of Alicante

La marcha alicantina, as Alicante ‘s nightlife is known, has become one of the city’s main attractions in itself, as well as being a major contributor to the local economy.  The choice of bars, pubs and night-clubs are mostly centred around the old quarter known locally as el Barrio, which includes the historic neighborhoods of San Roque, Santa Cruz and Carmen. There are more bars on the marina and also an area in playa de San Juan known as the Golf Course or Laseda. 

Alicante with kids

Alicante has a great deal to offer those travelling with children. There is always somewhere for the little ones to play, have fun and even learn. Take the lift up to the Castle, visit an Exhibition about Star Wars, the MUSA Museum and its exhibition rooms. Children can also take part in the many activities organised for them there. The Ereta Park, located next to the Castle, is a perfect place for your children to play and enjoy Alicante…


By day, the city’s shops and shopping centres offer a huge selection of goods, and many businesses specialise in different manufactured and handmade products to satisfy everyone’s needs. The main shopping streets can be found in the city centre. There are also several shopping centres with a great selection of shops, spread out over the rest of the city. The Mercado Central as well as the local markets and the handicrafts stalls on the famous Explanada promenade can also be added to this list.


Alicante has a great selection of sports facilities  where all kind of national and international events can be held. The city is also an ideal place to play golf and enjoy water sports. Undoubtedly, one of the most important events held in Alicante in recent years is is the Volvo Ocean Race, with the city being chosen once again to be the departure port for the 2014 and 2017 editions. 

Enjoy the 'fiestas'

Take part in Alicante’s festivals and discover a whole world of emotions. Alicante’s festivals are undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions this warm and welcoming Mediterranean city has to offer. The yearly calendar is marked by numerous festivals. The joy of the city and its people is represented by the great variety of fiestas that leave the visitor with such a lasting impression. The chances are that one of Alicante’s many festivals will coincide with your stay. Be seduced by Alicante’s ‘fiestas‘…

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