•  08.00 am. “Despertá”(petards and music bands) in all quarters
  • 11.00 am. Awards Parade.Itinerary: Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Rafael Altami- ra St. and Rambla, to the Tribune of Portal de Elche
  • 02.00 pm. V Session of the 29th Mascletás Contest. Pyrotechnic Company: Pirotecnia Gironina. Location: Plaza de los Luceros.
  • 07.00 pm. Floral Offering (II Session). Itinerary: Alfonso el Sabio Avenua, Rambla de Méndez Núñez, San José St. , Plaza del Abad Penalva, Concatedral, Miguel Soler St. , San Nicolás, Rafael Al- tamira St. and Plaza del Ayuntamiento Festive and Regional Delegations, Bellesa del Foc of Alicante and her court, Dames d’Honor, will close the Procession
  • 10.pm. Open-air dance in Barracas and Racós.

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