• 08.00 am. “Despertá” (petards and music bands) in all quarters
  • 01.00 am. Parade of Giants and Big Heads of the City of Alicante. From Plaza del Ayuntamiento to Plaza de los Luceros
  • 02.00 pm. VII Session of the 29th Mascletás Contest. Pyrotechnic Company: Fuegos Artificiales Hermanos Fernández. Location: Plaza de los Luceros.
  • 08.00 pm. Official Mass of Fogueres. Location:Co-cathedral San Nicolás
  • 00.00 am. Monumental Palm Pyrotechnic Company: Fuegos Artificiales Hermanos Ferrández. Location: Summit of Mount Benacantil. Following: The Burning of the Official Foguera and Infant Official Foguera. Pyrotechnic Company: Alicantina de Focs i Artifici. Next: Burning of Fogueres, Infant Fogueres and Barraques in each district.

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