Shopping in Alicante

There are a wide range of shops to browse around in Alicante, in the city centre, the numerous shopping malls and also in the open air stalls in different public places, open all year round.

Shopping in Alicante

A5 a pie de calle-03 (1)The province of Alicante is famous for the quality of its leather goods: shoes, bags and accessories. It is also well-known for the quality of items used for decoration such as rugs, wickerwork and traditional pottery. If you are a lover of food and wine products, you mustn’t miss out on the preserves and salted products that are so typical of Alicante, top quality gastronomic products that are sure to impress you, wines from the province of Alicante with denomination of origin such as Moscatell, or traditional products that are used daily in the Mediterranean diet in many Alicante homes, as well as  chocolate, dates, nougat, and traditional ice creams for those with a sweet tooth. As for the kids, the toys and dolls that are manufactured here in the province of Alicante are known internationally and are exported worldwide.

Shopping tour guide

Visit the most emblematic places in Alicante and shop at the same time. Alicante’s Department for Trade has organised some very special tours just for you.

Route 1. Lights over stone

Route 2. Events and ceremonies

Route 3. The path of the conqueror

Route 4. A walk amongst the Illustrious

Route 5. A lovers’ frontier

Route 6. Bound for Carolinas

Route 7. Our origins 

A shopping day in Alicante

In Alicante you will find an enormous variety of shops and department stores to buy quality goods and products typical of the region. With regard to gastronomy, we recommend trying the typical canned food and salted fish. For those really sweet-toothed, our chocolate, dates, sugared almonds and, above all, the turrón (sweet made with honey and almonds) as well as our traditional ices.

Indoor and outdoor markets

In the city of Alicante you will find all kinds of shops: traditional, department stores, national and international  names.

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