The Santa Faz Monastery



The Santa Faz Monastery

In a baroque style, this monastery stands just five kilometres from the city limits, in the municipal district of the same name. It guards a relic that was brought over from The Vatican in the 15th century which, according to popular tradition, was the fabric with which Veronica dried the bleeding face of Jesus on the Way of the Cross. Every year, on the second Thursday after Easter Sunday, thousands of the city’s residents make the Peregrina de la Santa Faz pilgrimage, which is Spain’s biggest after the El Rocío pilgrimage. The Santa Faz relic is kept in a special room behind the main altarpiece.


Opening hours

Toda la semana/All week/Toute la semaine
9.00-13.00h 17:00-20:00h
Domingos por la tarde /Sunday afternoon /Dimanche après-midi: cerrado/closed/fermé



  • Plaza Luis Foglietti s/n. Ctra Alicante-Valencia. Km 8
  • Phone number: (+34) 965264912

Monasterio de Santa Faz Alicante

Monasterio de Religiosas Clarisas de la Santa Faz
Calle Verónica-Santa Faz, 0
03559 Santa Faz
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