Accessible beaches in Alicante

Alicante city offers a service of accessible beaches during the summer season (July-September). These services aim at bringing Alicante beaches closer to people with functional diversity.

The accessible areas on the beaches of Alicante provide two types of service: one for people with intellectual disabilities, providing assistance, accompaniment and educational recreation; another service of accompaniment and assistance to the toilet for people with reduced mobility.

The accessible areas are located on the beaches of San Juan, Postiguet and Saladares-Urbanova.

Services in the Accessible Areas

In all accessible areas, two types of services are offered free of charge:

  • Educational-recreational activities for people with intellectual disabilities. Specialised didactic workshops given by professionals and aimed at people of all ages.
  • Accompaniment and assistance to the toilet for people with reduced mobility. Use of crutches and amphibious chairs.

All services are free of charge.


  • Shaded areas with special-width access walkways, toilets, showers and adapted changing rooms.
  • Adapted parking spaces.
  • Staff with extensive experience in assisting this group.


  • Provide respite for parents and guardians.
  • Fill free time with enriching leisure activities that provide positive contents and values for users.
  • Provide the support required for users to interact with the coastal environment, making the most of the resources and benefits it can offer.
  • Social integration.
  • Act as an educational stopgap to the work carried out by schools, which is interrupted during the summer months.
  • Offer the necessary support so that both residents and tourists can benefit from their stay in our beaches, independently of their motor or intellectual capacity.

Where to find them

  • San Juan beach: access nr 10, opposite the Tourist Office.
  • El Postiguet beach: access nr 13, Cocó-La Marina train station area.
  • Saladares-Urbanova beach: access nr 6, opposite the Lifeguard post.


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