Discover the very essence of the Mediterranean diet during a two-hours walking tour in the city! Take the chance to taste the typical products of our food and wine tour while learning about Alicante’s history and culture. This tour has it all! Our experienced guides introduce you to the history of Alicante, while pleasantly strolling the city to enjoy some of the region’s denomination-of-origin delicacies. The itinerary features some of the most traditional food shops and market stalls. Store owners and employees will explain the delights of Alicante’s gourmet products to those taking part in the tour, and of course, all participants will taste their fine delicatessen, olive oil and wines!


Our first stop is for a refreshing Horchata!
Chufa is the tuber that makes this drink up: learn all about it while sipping this sweet vegetable milk that Pharaohs enjoyed so much!

Coca de Mollitas & Coca amb Tonyina-Pastries
The master baker has just taken out of the oven these traditional tasty pastries: “Coca de mollitas”, a salty tart with crumbled dough topping, and “coca amb tonyina”, a tuna-based pastry.

Wine tasting
The tour includes a wine-tasting conducted by
expert winemakers. Did you know that Shakespeare mentioned the wines of Alicante among the most exquisit one could drink?.

Olive Oil
Olive oil is at the very heart of our diet. Taste some of the finest varieties of this ‘liquid gold’ prised by the Greeks, Romans and all the other peoples that sailed the Med.

Salted fish products
Our tour takes us to the city’s food market, where we can taste some of the city’s best salted fish products. We will learn all about the origins of this long-established and traditional food.

Homemade nougats
Everyday is Christmas day in Alicante! Don’t miss the chance to find out all about the different homemade nougats. Only for those who have a sweet tooth!

Cold meats
Luxury, all the way from the mountains of Alicante. We can enjoy some of the best cold meat products at one of the colourful stalls in the Central Market.

Fresh fruit
What better than some fresh fruit to bring our tour to an end! Depending on the time of year, we’ll have some dates, figs, grapes, oranges… Straight from the orchards of the Mediterranean!



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  • Monday to friday 10:00 am to 7.00 pm


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