Alicante welcomes the autumn with its summer doors still wide open. The city has a wonderful climate and enjoys summer temperatures until late October, so don’t forget to bring light clothes if you choose to visit. The people of Alicante usually start to wrap up in November, but you can still enjoy the sun and a very special light every day. Don’t be surprised to see people lying on the city’s beaches as you can enjoy the beach all year round in Alicante, so be sure to make the most of them too. Alicante is a Mediterranean city and its influence can be seen in every corner. Come and visit us and let the sea breeze help you to recharge your batteries.



Autumn is a good time to visit Alicante. You can take advantage of the long weekend of the 1st of November, or All Saints’ Day, to visit the city, where you will enjoy the sun, nice weather, special beaches and a range of things to do. The city combines the traditional ochre-coloured tree leaves that have fallen to the ground and the bright green palm tree leaves which filter the rays of sun. Alicante is full of palm trees, and you will find them in most of its parks. The most famous promenade in Alicante, the Explanada, gives a warm welcome to our visitors with four rows of palm trees and waves of red, white and blue paving stones. It runs parallel to the marina, meaning that you will surely see the masts of sail boats moving just a few feet away from you. There are various markets in Alicante, and the Explanada has a range of stalls selling handicrafts, gifts and textiles for you to buy as souvenirs and for decoration, as well as T-shirts, hats and costume jewellery. It also has an auditorium called La Concha (the Shell, given that is built in the shape of a mollusc), where you can enjoy music and dance activities, especially at weekends.

Alicante is a Mediterranean city that overlooks the sea and its promenade is keen to show you its charm. Alicante’s urban beach, called Postiguet, is located at one end of the Explanada, where you can sit and enjoy the view and where children can play games on the sand. At the other end of the Explanada you will find parque de Canalejas. What better way to enjoy the autumn than by looking at the sea!


Without a doubt you have to visit Canalejas, where you will be surprised by its impressive rubber plants, whose branches look like trees and have witnessed time go by. Its views of the marina are one of the many surprises which this open, kind, Mediterranean city has in store for you. The marina is beautiful and a pleasant area for taking a stroll – in fact, it is very popular amongst the people of Alicante, especially at weekends. You can walk along the seafront, admire the boats and spot people rowing. Running is another popular activity, and you will come across many people jogging in this area. Alicante is a great place to practice sports because its excellent climate allows you to do whatever sport you feel like doing.

If you feel up to it, you can sign up to do water sports or, if you prefer golf, the city has some wonderful golf courses where you can spend the day playing in the sun.

Did you know that the start of the world’s most famous yacht race takes place in Alicante? The Volvo Ocean Race is back in 2014 and it is already creating excitement. By choosing to come to Alicante, you won’t have to wait that long to experience this adventure – just visit the Volvo Ocean Race Museum (entrance is free of charge) and experience what it is like to be one of the sailors facing the storms out at sea during this difficult competition. The museum has a range of curious items, the trophy and virtual games. You can even try the freeze-dried food eaten by the sailors at the museum’s café while enjoying the sea view.

Then, take a walk along the Paseo Volado, a leisurely walk that overlooks the sea, and look at how its palm trees are different from those in the rest of the city, as they are made of iron. This is where thousands of people watch the beginning of the yacht race every three years. It also offers wonderful views of the castle and the city.



Everything is more relaxed when you are on holiday. You also want to try new things, and Alicante has good food for you to taste. The sea and vegetable gardens supply the markets. The Mercado Central – a unique building with a range of stalls selling fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, ham and salted meat – is one of the many markets located in the city centre. It is a real treat for your eyes and senses, and is one of the most visited places in Alicante.

During your tour of the city, we suggest that you stop to eat. One option is to go from bar to bar trying small bites called tapas. A total of 23 bars and restaurants are taking part in the contest – where each tapa costs 2.5 Euros and you can vote for your favourite.

Alicante’s markets supply the city’s bars and restaurants. Many restaurants have adapted their stews now that we are in the small game hunting season, with partridge and rabbit being the most popular meats used. Even though it doesn’t feel like autumn, the restaurants start to adapt their food to this time of year. It is also the start of the mushroom season as well as the ideal time to try our oranges, as the area is well-known for producing citrus. But before jumping straight to dessert, let’s concentrate on the main course. Rice is, without a doubt, Alicante’s signature dish. There are hundreds of varieties, so don’t forget to try this exquisite Mediterranean dish. You must also try typical soups and stews, such as olleta (a Valencian stew made with vegetables, legumes and meat), fish soup and cuttlefish with soupy rice.

The people of Alicante enjoy having a glass of wine or a beer with something to eat, and they call it tapeo. There have always been a large number of establishments specialising in tapas in Alicante, but now there are even more, especially in the city centre, the old town and along the promenade, where you can find many restaurants.




The city offers a variety of outdoor leisure activities, including a phenomenon called tardeo, which consists in having a bite to eat on outdoor terraces and bars located around the Mercado Central on Saturday afternoons. This new trend moves nightlife to the afternoon, enabling you to enjoy lively conversations on terraces and a disco atmosphere.

Alicante has many different qualities. There is no doubt that the Mediterranean has had a great impact on the city’s personality – the sea is always present and the sun has shaped the character of the people of Alicante: they enjoy being outdoors and they also enjoy the culture. The city has a number of monuments and museums for you to visit, most of which are full of history which you will find extremely interesting. We recommend doing a cultural tour of the city – start at the Plaza del Mar and, from there, go up to the castle, then walk back down through  la Ereta park, visit the Water Museum and the Santa María Basilica (built over an old mosque), and finish at the archaeological museum Marq (European Museum of the Year 2004).

The city has a vast cultural heritage. It has a Main Art Theatre (Teatro Principal), a neoclassical building which offers first-class plays and musicals, while the ADDA Auditorium is a newly built modern building which hosts large music events, such as jazz and classical music festivals. Las Cigarreras Cultural Centre (whose name comes from the fact that it was a tobacco factory up until a few years ago) holds a wide range of cultural activities: plays, music events, paintings, alternative exhibitions, talks, Sunday markets… There are a large variety of cultural centres and exhibitions for you to enjoy and also feel like any other resident of Alicante.


Alicante is a healthy city, with 100 kilometres of cycle lanes. It has a bike hire system to enable you to move around the city on two wheels or, if you prefer, you can bring your own. If you are interested in doing excursions on your bike, we recommend doing the route of the Market Garden Towers, in the area surrounding the new golf course and San Juan beach. In addition to enjoying a pleasant bike ride, you can also admire the constructions carried out to protect the city’s population from pirate sieges, especially its workers, who were captured and made to work as slaves.


Shopping in Alicante is extremely varied, ranging from specialist shops to large shopping centres. There are different shopping areas, such as Maisonnave (which is one of the most popular streets for shopping), the city centre and the old town. We are confident that you will find whatever you are looking for in Alicante. There is even an entire street that specialises in party dresses and ceremonies. So, why not take advantage of your trip to get everything you need for your special occasion? Clothes, accessories, shoes, jewellery, costume jewellery… just about anything you can imagine. The different neighbourhoods offer specialist shops and a pleasant, friendly service.

Alicante has a wide range of options waiting for you, and our aim is that you feel at home. The accommodation in the city is excellent – our hotels really know how to make you feel special and help you to make the most of your time in the city.

So, visit Alicante and enjoy it. The city is here for you, even in an autumn which feels like summer.