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THIS SUMMER, DISCOVER ALICANTE WITH THE FREE GUIDED WALKING TOURS  WITH  ALICANTE CITY TOURIST BOARD BOOK YOUR FREE GUIDED WALKING TOUR The Alicante City Tourist Board would like to invite you to join us on one of our free guided walking tours around the...

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Recipe of rice with leg of beef and chickpeas

Rice with leg of beef and chickpeas (Arroz con pata de ternera y garbanzos.)• 400g rice• 250g chickpeas• 250ml olive oil• 2 onion black puddings• 2kg leg of beef• 1 ripe tomato• 1 onion• 50g cooking chorizo• Colouring and salt• 4 cloves of chopped garlic ...

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Camper Area

Alicante has an overnight area for caravans in transit. It is located on San Juan beach, a few meters away from the shore. It provides all the necessary services to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Maximum stay (48 hours). The Camper...

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Recommendations to the bite of Portuguese man-of-war

Protocol for action in contact with Portuguese man-of-war made by the City Hall of Alicante. Please remove any remaining tentacles that may be in contact with your skin. Avoid scratching the area and do not touch the remains of the tentacles with bare...

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Creamy rice with octopus and artichokes

25g onion 25g green pepper 4 artichokes 200g octopus (tentacle and head) 1 fried ñora (dry red pepper) 1 clove of garlic 4 strands of saffron ½l fumet (stock) 280g ‘bomba’ rice 200ml oil 150g natural grated tomato Salt to tast Sauté the octopus cut into pieces over a...

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