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Recommendations to the bite of Portuguese man-of-war

Protocol for action in contact with Portuguese man-of-war made by the City Hall of Alicante. Please remove any remaining tentacles that may be in contact with your skin. Avoid scratching the area and do not touch the remains of the tentacles with bare...

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Creamy rice with octopus and artichokes

25g onion 25g green pepper 4 artichokes 200g octopus (tentacle and head) 1 fried ñora (dry red pepper) 1 clove of garlic 4 strands of saffron ½l fumet (stock) 280g ‘bomba’ rice 200ml oil 150g natural grated tomato Salt to tast Sauté the octopus cut into pieces over a...

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Recipe of Rice with white anchovies and spinach

For the fish stock 2 red tomatoes 2 cloves of garlic 1 ñora (dry red pepper) 16 saffron strands 500g morralla (small fish) 1.5l mineral water 150g olive oil 150g sea water Ingredients for the ‘salmorreta’ 2 cloves of garlic 2 tomatoes 4 ñoras (dry red peppers) 100g...

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Recipe Arroz a la alicantina “Alicante-style rice”

• 400g ‘bomba’ rice • Approx. 200g fine clams • 8 Mussels • 8 King prawns • 250g chicken • 150g peas • 100g red pepper • 200ml olive oil • 100g crushed tomato • 4 cloves of garlic • 200g very finely cut squid • Fish stock Pour the oil in the paella pan and sauté the...

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Alicante Gourmet Walking Tours

Discover the very essence of the Mediterranean diet during a two-hours walking tour in the city! Take the chance to taste the typical products of our food and wine tour while learning about Alicante's history and culture. This tour has it all! Our experienced guides...

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