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  • (+34)  965 177 201
  • (+34)  965 177 217

Alicante is a showcase of varied and attractive shops where you can buy unique products to give away or the latest fashion to wear. There are a wide range of shops to browse around in Alicante, in the city centre, the numerous shopping centres and also in the open air stalls in different public places, open all year round.

In the city of Alicante you will find all kinds of shops: traditional, department stores, national and international names.

The province of Alicante is famous for the quality of its leather goods: shoes, bags and accessories. It is also well-known for the quality of items used for decoration such as rugs, wickerwork and traditional pottery.

If you are a lover of food and wine products, you mustn’t miss out on the preserves and salted products that are so typical of Alicante, top quality gastronomic products that are sure to impress you, wines from the province of Alicante with denomination of origin such as Moscatel, or traditional products that are used daily in the Mediterranean diet in many Alicante homes, as well as chocolate, dates, nougat, and traditional ice creams for those with a sweet tooth.

As for the kids, the toys and dolls that are manufactured here in the province of Alicante are known internationally and are exported worldwide.

Outdoor and indoor markets

Everything that you can imagine and at very reasonable prices. In Alicante, several indoor and outdoor markets open on certain days of the week and at special times of the year. You can buy thousands of different items here, from food and drink to clothes, shoes and crafts.

Typical products

Alicante offers a wide variety of shops in which you can find typical products of the province; Wines with designation of origin DOP, nougat, toys, shoes, leather goods…

A shopping day in Alicante

With regard to gastronomy, we recommend trying the typical canned food and salted fish. For those really sweet-toothed, our chocolate, dates, sugared almonds and, above all, the turrón (sweet made with honey and almonds) as well as our traditional ices.

Where to Buy Typical Products

Vinos y licores

Bodegas Bernardino
C/ Alberola 40, Alicante
Móv. (+34) 606 423 317
Tel. (+34) 965 280 873
Va de vins
C/ Castaños, 33 Alicante
Tel +34 965 208 205
C/ Castaños 1- Pl. Gabriel Miró 22 Alicante
Tel +34 965 203 040
Vino y mas
Calle Canalejas, 5, bajo derecha- Alicante
Tel: (+34) 965 164 424 -
Osiris Wine Boutique
C/ Pablo Iglesias, 19 Local A, Alicante
Tel (+34) 623 177 721

Traditional sweets

Turrones E. Candela Espí
Avda. Constitución 3, Alicante
Tel: (+34) 966 297 865
Mov: (+34) 637 494 625
La Despensa de Cristina. Turrones Teclo
C/ Poeta Vila i Blanco 11, Alicante
Tel +34 965 131 383
Kiosco de Turrones Monerris- Sirvent
Avda. Alfonso el Sabio, 10 (Mercado Central), Alicante
Tel: (+34) 965 217 535
Turrones Monerris- Sirvent Sirvent
Avda. Alfonso el Sabio, 16, Alicante
Tel: (+34) 965 217 535
Turrones Espí
C/ López Torregrosa 17, Alicante
Tel: (+)34 965 214 441
Turrones 1880
C/ Mayor 9, Alicante
Tel +34 -965 219 281

Salted fish

Salazones Mar Menor
C/ Capitán Segarra 9, Alicante
Tel +34 965 140 222
Salazones Quintana S.L
Avda. Holanda s/n frente C.C. Fontana
Tel: (+34) 965 154 269
Salazones Vicente Leal
Puesto 217 del Mercado Central
Avda. Alfonso X el Sábio 10, Alicante
Tel +34 965 217 837

Gourmet shops

Bardisa y Cia S.L.
C/ Capitán Segarra, 12, Alicante
Tel +34 965 211 783
Boutique La Granadina
C/ Gerona 7, Alicante
Tel +34 965 211 151
C/ Rafel Altamira 26, Alicante 03001
Tel 965 215 352
Zon centro- Casco antiguo.
Cuquet de Llum
Alimentos típicos y artesanales de Alicante.
Turismo y deporte activo en la naturaleza
C/ Lonja de Caballeros 4- Alicante
Tel: (+34) 637 661 256
El Club del Gourmet de El Corte Inglés
Avda. Maisonnave, 53
Avda. Federico Soto 1 y 3, Alicante
Tel +34 965 925 001
Salazones Quintana S.L
C/ Poeta Quintana 40, Alicante
Tel 965 21 48 42

Outdoor and indoor markets

Mercado de Abastos/ Indoor Market
Avenida Alfonso X El Sabio, 10, 03004

Horario/ Opening hours
De lunes a viernes/ From Monday to friday: 07:00 -14:30 h
Sábados/ Saturdays: 07:00-15:00 h

Tel: 0034-965140763/ 965140841

Cómo llegar/ How to get there
Bus 01-02- 05 - C6- 03-04-06-09-21-22-10.

TRAM 1-3-4 (Mercado)
BUS: C6- 21-22-23-24-1-3-4-5
Mercado de Abastos/ Indoor Market
Calle Asilo, s/n, 03007 Alicante.

Horario/Opening hours
De lunes a viernes/ From monday to friday:
9:00 a 14:00 h
Sábados/Saturday: 9:00 a 15:00 h

Tel: 0034-965103452

Como llegar/ How to get there
Bus 03-04
Mercado de Abastos/ Indoor Market
Calle Pérez Medina, 2, 03007 Alicante.

Horario/ Openning Hours
De lunes a viernes/ From monday to friday: 07:30 -14:00h
Sábados y vísperas de fiestas / Saturday and on the eve of holidays: 07:30-
15:00 h

Contacto/ Contact
Tel: 0034- 965130225

Cómo llegar / How to get there
BUS 03-04
Mercado de Abastos/ Indoor Market
Calle San Mateo, s/n, 03012 Alicante

Horario/Openning Hours
De lunes a sábado/ From monday to saturday: 07.30-14.00h.

Contacto/ Contact
Tel 0034-965 25 39 61

Como llegar / How to get there
BUS 06
Mercadillo al aire libre/ Outdoor market
Calle Pardo Gimeno, Calle Asilo, Calle Guillem de Castro

Horario/ Openning Hours
Jueves y sábados/ Thursdays and saturdays: 08.00- 14.00h

Contacto/ Contact
Tel 0034- 965 10 34 52
Tel: 0034-965 17 77 54
Como llegar/How to get there
BUS 05-16
Mercadillo al aire libre /Outdoor market

Horarios/ Openning Hours
Jueves y Sábados/ Thursday and saturday: 07.30h- 13.30h.

Cómo llegar/ How to get there
BUS 03-04
Mercadillo al aire libre/ Outdoor market
Calle Alberola, Calle Carratalá y Calle Arquitecto Guardiola, Alicante
Horario/Openning Hours
Jueves y sábados /Thursday and saturday: 09.00h- 14.00h.

Tel +34 965 13 02 25

Cómo llegar/How to get there
BUS 03-04
Mercadillo al aire libre/ Outdoor Market
Calle Doctor Nieto, Calle Manuel Senante y Calle San Benito, Alicante

Horario/Openning Hours
Jueves y sábados/ Thursday and saturday: 07.00h -14.00h.

Tel 0034- 965 25 39 61

Cómo llegar/How to get there
BUS 06
Mercadillo al aire libre/ Outdoor market
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, s/n, 03001 Alicante
Horario/ Openning Hours
Domingos y festivos/ Sunday and Bank Holidays: 09.00h-14.00h

Contacto/ Contact
Tel 0034-965 14 93 25

Cómo llegar/ How to get there
Bus 02- 05, 8A -8B, 10- 21- 22
Mercado al aire libre/ Outdoork market
Plaza de Santa Faz (detrás del Ayuntamiento), 03001 Alicante

Verano/ Summer:Viernes a Domingo/ Friday to sunday: 19h- 24h
Invierno/Winter:Domingos/ Sundays: 10.00h-14.00h

Contacto/ Contact
Tel 0034- 965 14 93 25

Cómo llegar/ How to get there
Bus 02-5-8A-8B-10-21-22
Gran número de puestos con todo tipo
de bisutería, moda
étnica, inciensos, trabajos en madera,
cuero y cerámica, entre

Outdoor Market
De lunes a viernes ( martes, cerrado)
de 11.30h a 14.30h y de 17.00h a 20.30h.
Sábados, domingos, festivos y visperas de
festivos de 11.00h a 22.30h.

Monday to Friday (except Tuesdays)
11.30 am - 02.30 pm
05.00 pm - 08.30 pm
Satudays, Sundays, Bank Holidays
and Bank Holidays Eve 11.00 am - 10.30 pm
Explanada de España. s/n, Alicante

Cómo llegar/How to get there
Bus 02- 05-8A-8B-10-21-22
En la salida nº 10 de la
A7, "flea market"
o RASTRO donde
puedes encontrar
anticuarios, músicos,
maestros artesanos,

Ubicado en una finca
del s. XVIII.
Cuenta con terraza y

Flea Market
Sábados, de 18:00h a 22:00h.
Domingos y festivos de 10:00h. a 15:00h.

Saturdays 06.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Sundays and Bank Holidays 10.00 am - 03.00 pm
Calle Balsas Nuevas, 7 Villafranqueza (Alicante)
Bus 25-26
Outdoor Market
Domingos de 10:00h. a 15:00h.

Sundays 10 am - 03.00 pm
Avenida de Alicante, Santa Faz (Alicante)

Cómo llegar/How to get there
BUS 23
Mercadillo zona Volvo.
Domingos de 10:00 h. a 18:00 horas.
Muelle de Levante, zona Volvo (Alicante).
Bus 21-22-2-C6