Saladares Urbanova Beach

Saladares-Urbanova beach is located 5 kilometres south of the city centre, in a quiet area.  Its fine, golden sands stretch for over 1.5 kilometres, making it perfect for strolling along. Its setting is semi-urban and to the north there is a line of sand dunes, which enhance the view.

There are various services to bathers, such as lifeguarding, an esplanade, shops and restaurants and special areas reserved for nudists. There is also an educational play area for the mentally handicapped and an area with disabled access that is open during the summer months.


  • Length: 1600
  • Width: 52  m
  • Gradient: 0º
  • Type of beach: Open
  • Location: Urban
  • Colour of sand: Golden
  • Type of sand: Fine

Services and facilities

2 Lava Pies


2 Tumbonas


2 Sombrillas




Hospitales-google maps

First Aid and Lifeguard


Disabled acces

Other services

  • Pedal boats
  • Public bathrooms
  • Games for kids
  • Fitness equipment
  • Restaurants and beach bars.

Accesible beach

The city of Alicante offers an accessible beach service from july to september, with recreational-educational areas aimed at people with mental disabilities, as well as a bathing/swimming assistance service for people with physical disabilities. The accessible areas are located on the beaches of San Juan, Postiguet and in Saladar-Urbanova.

How to get Urbanova beach

  • Coordinates: 38.282388,-0.519969
Bus 27 Alicante-Urbanova.PDF
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